Who is PocketFuel

Mark riding 5 - CB

Founded in Hood River, Oregon in 2010 by Mark & Heidi Ribkoff and Rod Parmenter. PocketFuel was created by athletes for athletes.

It all started when Mark (a multisport athlete) began developing the product in late 2010 while training for IronMan Canada. Eating fresh, whole foods at home, he knew he both needed and wanted to eat the same way as he trained to achieve the results he wanted.

What prompted Mark to start PocketFuel? Surrounded by an abundance of orchards overflowing with fresh fruit, he was inspired to innovate. He started by reading the ingredients on the products he used and knew there had to be a better way. Something whole food based, delicious and above all, portable. That has been PocketFuel’s mission from the very beginning.

Mark has been a product innovator and market disruptor in the sporting goods market for 20 years. Taking that passion and knowledge, he applied it to this new project! Our kitchen soon became a big testing lab.

We started producing PocketFuel in a local commercial kitchen in 2011 after getting rave reviews at our local Farmer’s Market. What started in jars quickly moved on to our own 3oz pouches. Our 3 flavors quickly grew to 6 flavors. After premiering our product in our re-sealable, re-useable pouches at the Columbia Gorge Marathon in Hood River, we soon saw that there was a market beyond our little town … people LOVED PocketFuel!

We are proud to now have our very own production facility here on the waterfront in Hood River, Oregon in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  All of our handcrafted line of Nut Butter blends & brand NEW Cold Brew Coffee Energy gels are made by our dedicated team, in-house, thereby ensuring quality, consistency and fresh product delivered on-time to our customers.

Sourcing as many ingredients locally, all of our products and packaging go through rigorous testing with athletes and tasters of all kinds. From one Hood River location in 2011 (Shortt Supply) we are now in over 400 locations with international distribution in several countries.

We provide healthy, tasty, portable whole food nutrition for everyone, from elite level athletes to kids at school, office workers to travelers and commuters. If you’re hungry, you have a right to a healthy, tasty snack that doesn’t taste like bark chips.

Fuel your high energy, active, healthy lifestyle with PocketFuel!

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