Happy Holidays & New Year 2013 from the PocketFuel CREW

Happy Holidays to everyone and hope you get out to PLAY every once in a while.


Some Fun News:

The PocketFuel TEAM truly appreciates your support & enthusiasm and are excited to tell you about some new developments! We are always improving & innovating; listening to our customers, making our products better & tastier!


2 Tasty NEW Flavors: 

Vanilla Haze - a silky smooth Hazelnut/Almond blend that complements our ever-popular Chocolate Haze.

Pineapple Coconut - an Almond butter blend with a burst of SUNshine and Island warmth that keeps a smile on your face and complements the taste textures of Banana Blueberry & Coconut Cherry

DILUTE or DEVOUR: We encourage you to try diluting Chocolate or Vanilla Haze with water, almond milk, soy milk or rice milk if you like to take on a run or a ride. Use a regular water bottle or our cool new 4oz PocketFuelTank. Recommended dilution ratios start at 1:1 and go up to 4:1 – Water to PocketFuel.

20oz Pouch & refueler System:

The realization of the 20oz pouch is something we are especially proud of as it helped spur progress of our patent-pending refueler system.

Reduce, Reuse, REFUEL! Now you can keep a larger pouch at home, the office or take it on a trip to refuel your smaller pouches as you need them! Less fuss, less mess, more tasty GOOD-ness.

Coming Soon: A short video highlighting how our refueler system works (hint: it’s EASY, I love it!). We have refueling info on our 20oz labels.

We will be updating our online store soon but have already started shipping AWE-some, NEW GOOD-ness to our retailers. Visit one near YOU today.


Thanks for supporting us as we grow!!


–The CREW at PFHQ:





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