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PocketFuel is in Kona Kase’s February 2013 box and we got to share a little PocketFuelLove with the guys via an interview. In case you don’t know, Kona Kase is a subscription service delivering premium endurance nutrition samples right to your doorstep, monthly.


Get To Know: PocketFuel Naturals

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pocketfuel kona kase energy supplement

John (Kona Kase): We saw that some of your team just returned from Asia. What was that all about?
Heidi (PocketFuel): We are always looking for ways to make PocketFuel better so we were in Asia researching machinery for our in-house production. Plus traveling is always FUN!

John: Tell us a little about the background of PocketFuel:
Heidi: PocketFuel is the brainchild of Mark Ribkoff. He is a product designer and innovator who has brought that passion for perfection to PocketFuel. As an athlete with a competitive background and a triathlete training for his first IronMan he was looking for ways to fuel his body in a healthy, simple & portable way. He wanted real food, high in protein, fats and other important nutrients delivered in an easy to digest format. And it had to taste awesomely good.

John: What product(s)/flavor(s) are you most excited about right now?
Heidi: We have just introduced 2 new flavors: Pineapple Coconut and Vanilla Haze, as well as a NEW 20oz pouch. This pouch has a patent-pending tool that can be easily used to refill the smaller 1.8 or 3oz pouches. We are excited at the possibilities this new size and format has opened up for us! You can take your PocketFuel on the road with you, camping, hiking, back-country skiing or sailing and refuel as you need. Or you can use it at home or the office.

John: What makes PocketFuel different than other products like it?
Heidi: PocketFuel is WHOLE FOOD FUEL packaged in an entirely new way. We believe in using the best ingredients and the most innovative packaging we can. We use no preservatives or additives and are committed to selling something that we are passionate about. If we don’t LOVE the taste and texture of something, it doesn’t make the cut!

pocketfuel co-founders kona kase

Heidi and Mark, co-founders of PocketFuel

John: What are your favorite outdoor activities/adventures?
Heidi: All of us at PocketFuel are committed and stoked athletes. We run, bike, swim, ski, kite, paddle, surf, hike, sail…. whatever gets us OUT playing and enjoying the day. Some of us compete in various events like triathlons (PocketFuel founder Mark’s next event is IronMan Coeur D’Alene) & ultra running (Sales director Heather Pola’s next event is Coyote Backbone 100K Ultra) but we make sure we never lose the FUN!

John: If you could have one celebrity eating PocketFuel, who would it be and why?
Heidi: OOOH, don’t get me started!

John: Where do you expect PocketFuel to be in 5 years?
Heidi: We will be in the pockets and bags of life loving individuals around the globe.

John: How should readers get in touch with you if they have any additional questions?
Heidi: Send us an email right from our website at pocketfuelnaturals.com; we answer that right away or check us out on Facebook & Twitter.


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