“PocketFuel gives me real calories for real performance all day in the mountains without the nasty effects of sugar dominant energy.  And, I actually look forward to fueling because they are so tasty.” – Born To Run Coach Eric Orton, author of The Cool Impossible

As a professional athlete, I’ve tried every energy food there is.  They are one of two things- sugar packaged in some kind of “healthy” advertising, or “healthy” that tastes like dirt.  PocketFuel is something COMPLETELY different.  A few whole ingredients in awesome combinations that gives me a huge, sustained boost.  When I fly, PocketFuel is as important as oxygen or my vario, especially as the miles and hours add up.  But it’s also become part of my every day sustenance.  In other words, it’s indispensable   When I need need fuel, now I turn to PocketFuel and the bonus is the taste- they are delicious!

PocketFuel is the best tasting energy food I have had, ever.  It is made from recognizable  and delicious ingredients.  The refillable packs are easy to eat and great that we can reuse them. Thank you for your support I am a confirmed fan, and now a regular user!

Nate Scales

I hate most energy food products, they taste horrible and therefore I don’t eat as much as I should when I need it most. PocketFuel is absolutely delicious and easy to consume on the go. I love the reusable packaging, brilliant.

Thank you very much for your support.

Matt Beechinor

It is some great stuff! It is a little more spendy … but better tasting, and refillable packets! Also, while a 1.2oz ClifShot has 100calories, a 3oz PocketFuel contains around 425 calories — but the calories are more nutritionally whole, and has protein & fat – so it is not just a sugar/electrolyte gel…it is FOOD with extra electrolytes added! … Mark Ribkoff (owner/proprietor) was very responsive & helpful over email, the order shipped very quickly, and I am a happy camper!


Got my PocketFuel order in….so stoked, truly keeps me going between my own training sessions & instructing fitness classes daily! It tastes so good (crunchy banana blueberry is my fave) & I can trust the ingredients are natural & nutritious! YUM


Spooled. Spent. Rocked. Thirty five minute paddle out at Del Mar Rivermouth… one wave… broken leash… Charge up the coast for a spot with a channel… but I have no energy… I left it all at the Rivermouth… Powered a PocketFuel on the way up the coast and spent three more hours in the water… then powered another on the way home… Thanks PocketFuel folks! I ripped ‘em open and got ALL the goop!


Pocket fuel is also great for driving home after late meetings! THANKS!


best energy everrr!!


Can’t. Stop. Eating. It.


Great road-trip food!


Best snack for before, during, and after sailing!! Love Pocketfuel!




Pocket Fuel kicked it into gear for me knowing I had a high energy day and need to pump it up. Not only did I feel great, ready to take on the world, I power hiked with the pups in between. Thanks for creating a healthy wholefood snack PocketFuel Naturals!


Rothrock Trail Challenge Race Report from Sat, June 2: Distance: 30K, Time 3:45:48, Overall finish: 42nd, AG place: 15th … As part of my usual pre-race ritual, I made sure to take in about 1.5 oz of Chocolate Haze PocketFuel 15 mins before the gun went off. I also had another 6 oz of Pocket Fuel in my shorts pocket to keep me going during the race.… I hit the last aid station around mile 16, and took in some delicious Chocolate Espresso PocketFuel. I knew I would need the caffeine towards the end of the race. It was just the pick-me-up that I needed. The last 2.5 miles flew by, and before I knew it I was relaxing with an adult beverage. The barometric altimeter in my watch showed over 4500 ft of ascent, and two days later my quads will tell you that is pretty accurate. I was hoping to finish closer to 3:20, but I am happy with how things turned out. Next up is a half marathon trail race on Sat, June 9.


Climbers are health conscience and energy focused athletes. It’s crucial to stay fueled in the mountains. Without the proper level of energy the potential to summit diminishes. PocketFuel has become as trustworthy and essential as any piece of equipment I use to get to the top. To me Pocketfuel is a whole lot more edible and manageable than conventional nutritional bar especially when my blood and adrenaline get going and I get gripped on a big wall. The pouches are easily thrown into a pack and the convenience of the squeeze top and screw on cap make it a hassle free fuel source. A hit of Chocolate Haze before a hard pitch of climbing is now a tradition for me. The combination of healthy fats and protein, smoothed with the delicious but not overly sweet flavors makes it my favorite on the wall and in the backcountry snack. LONG LIVE THE POUCH!

Alex QuitiquitClimber

I have been really really hungry the past couple of days and PocketFuel has really helped make a difference. I wish I had brought more. On the hot days I don’t want a Snicker’s Bar or anything super sweet. PocketFuel works great for this type of hiking. Squeeze in mouth and go. Any energy type bars that have type of chocolate or gooey stuff in turns to mush in the hot sun. With PocketFuel, all that messiness goes away.

Betsy FrazierBackpacker posting from the PCT

PocketFuel has literally been a lifeline for me. Just prior to moving to Hood River I saw some information on a new product being released. Natural, easy packaging, REAL food that I could train and compete in triathlon with, climb with, ski, or just snack on throughout my day as a physical therapist. I was super excited to try it. Its first test for me was a big one. While trekking into base-camp on Aconcagua in December our gear mules were delayed by over 6 hours. We were stuck in a freezing rain storm with only our day hike clothes and packs. We had long gone through our lunch food items and our group of 8 climbers was huddled together tired, cold, and hungry. With a packet of PocketFuel and crackers we made and passed ‘sandwiches’ around and felt a little less hungry and a lot warmer to have some nutrition. Since then I have used PocketFuel regularly and have loved all the new flavors.

Easy to carry, easy to fuel, and easy on the digestive system! What a great product! Have you seen the new size?! Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, they make an even easier size to carry.

Dana ReidClimber, Triathlete and Physical Therapist

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for creating such an awesome product! I have had the pleasure of testing out many of your fantastic flavors after purchasing a variety pack from Zombie Runner. As a gluten free endurance athlete who eats a very clean diet, it can be difficult for me to find products that are nutritious, not riddled with unhealthy ingredients, and – most importantly – keep me running strong. I’ve used PocketFuel with great success during some of my more challenging training runs/hikes over the past few weeks. Here in New Hampshire it’s still very much winter up in the mountains, and I was extremely impressed by both the taste and the amount of energy that the product provided in some extremely brutal conditions. My race schedule for the summer is shaping up to be a busy one, and I can’t wait to test out PocketFuel during my next few ultramarathons.

Larisa DannisEndurance Runner

PocketFuel keeps me charged up and focused when I’m out playing on the water!

Jeff KafkaBig Wave surfer/Kiteboarder, Professional Water Man

Easy to digest and packed with EVERYTHING I believe in. High potassium, protein, high quality carbs – a good blend. I DID have my record time today BTW.. I’m so stoked. I’m in a “haze”. Thanks PocketFuel

Suzie CooneySuzie Trains Maui, Maui’s Private Fitness Specialist, SUP specialist

There is a reason my blog is titled ‘On The Go With Almine.’ I’m constantly moving. Whether I’m rock or ice climbing, coaching “CrossFit,” personal training clients, doing yoga, trail-running, Adventure Racing, or mountain biking, I eat only the best. PFN has the high-quality, organic, healthy fats I need to sustain my blood sugar throughout the day. I feel satiated, and satisfied knowing that only a whole-food supplement can fuel the kind of energy I need to start my day at 4:30 a.m., and make it happen all day long. I have energy, prevent injury and ‘bonking’ by fueling my body properly. As a health care provider, I like knowing that the nutrition I’m taking in is the best, and recommend PFN not only to my personal training clients, and “CrossFit” students, but to my patients as well.

Almine BartonLicensed Acupuncturist, Certified Fitness Trainer, “CrossFit” Coach, Climber

Pocket fuel is good for me as a diabetic because it is high in protein so it slows down the sugar absorption and keeps my blood sugars more stable. I use juice shots for lows and have always played a high/low game when competing due to adrenalin and stress. I sipped on the PocketFuel packet (love that I can close it) and never was low, even though I had already completed the bi-athalon (2 mile run/2 mile down river race) and also had 4 slalom runs to do that day in the 97 degree weather! My sugars never spiked either, and I have a hard time eating while competing and take my insulin pump off so I don’t damage it or get it wet, so in a nut shell, I’m off insulin and working hard and it can be a roller coaster! The PocketFuel tasted GOOD and kept me going without being hungry or bonking-love it! Of course, with the celiac disease, the fact they are gluten free is awesome and since we are on the road so much and sometimes in very small towns, it is hard to find good things that can fit in my van with 3 large dogs, a cat a my parents. The PF packs can easily fit anywhere, including my life vest… Thanks so much!

PF powered me all weekend @ Kern River Fest. 1st in 6 mile run/sup biathlon, 1st in SUP Slalom, 2nd in Sup Cross all within 4hrs. Stoked on the PF Chia Goji Honey now my new favorite.

Dan GavereSUP Professional Athlete

Pocket Fuel is my ROCKET Fuel! Chocolate Smackeroon is my new favorite now, BTW

Nikki GreggSUP Fitness Professional/Coach

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