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Patti & Brian Aluminum Man 2013 PocketFuel

Brian McGeeny – Owner 10 Speed Coffee & Patti Boyd of Shortt Supply, Hood River

Photo – Paloma Ayala

PocketFuel Retailers:

“New Meaning to the Term “Double Fisted” – TeamMC fuel for 2013.

Being a manager at a specialty running store, I train in the mornings then go straight to work (commuting by bike), often for 9 hour shifts. I need a quick, delicious, natural source of fuel to not only keep me going, but to help in my recovery and have my brain firing on all cylinders. PocketFuel delivers and is now in my backpack, car, workdesk, and on race day – in my pocket. I am happy to have it in my nutrition arsenal for 2013.”

“PocketFuel was an instant hit for our crew. It has fueled us through all kinds of races–from road marathons to trail ultras to long-distance triathlons–and helped us recover from them, too. It even serves as a tasty “pick me up” treat to power through race expos and busy sales floor days. And, come on–chocolate. Enough said there. (And, as a side note: Chocolate Haze on whole wheat toast is my go-to breakfast these days. So good!)”

“For the first time on the bike in 25 years I’m able to have a tasty treat on the bike that gives me energy.  If you’re one of these people who hates all this processed food while exercising, Pocket fuel is a must.”

“I am an ultra runner who craves good, healthy ingredients to help power through my long training runs and races. PocketFuel gives me the energy I need, when I need it; and that can be before, during, or after – hell, some days it can be all three! And, thankfully they are gluten, dairy and soy free. Now I just have to keep running, so I can feed my new addiction! “ 

  • A’ndrea from U Run in New Braunfels, TX:

“So, I took the sample of Vanilla Haze you gave me at TRE.  Let my hubby have a small taste which he loved of course.  Then on Friday morning I decided to enjoy it before a run.  Never before in my life have I tried to suck every ounce of a running nutrition product before!  I was lamenting the fact that my tongue could not get past the plastic spout so I could like the inside of it too!  It is AWESOME!!!” 

“We were very excited when one of our employees brought us a packet of PocketFuel. We really liked it and also realized that it’s an ideal fuel for ultra running. We placed an order right away – our customers are really liking it too.”

“Our staff can be picky about what they put into their bodies.  There have been many times where their reviews have been less than stellar on samples I have fed them.  There has been only one time where they all agreed that a product was amazingly delicious and nutritious.  That product was PocketFuel.”

“Dona I don’t like you anymore because of the PocketFuel.  I too tore my package open and scraped it clean.  Addicting

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